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IT Operations Management
Business Meeting

Dima Solutions is proud to be the only Gold Business Partner of Micro Focus Software in Jordan. Our valued consultants are experts in engineering and implementing end-to-end Enterprise Management Solutions based on Micro Focus software solutions and ITIL best practices. This means that whatever the level of involvement you require from Dima Solutions such as a business briefing to keep you up- to- date with current and new Micro Focus Software modules, technical or end user training, architecture design or indeed solution deployment, Dima Solutions is the best place to help you achieve your infrastructure business objectives.

       Simplify Service Consumption

Deliver intuitive, personalized, no-wait, self-service to IT and business users, driven by machine learning

           Meet Resource Demand at DevOps Speed

Deliver cloud and on-premises services at high speed, without compromising quality.

           Detect and Fix Issues Automatically

Shift to automated discovery, monitoring, and remediation powered by AIOps.

            Implement Transparent Guardrails

Adopt a proactive, consistent approach to patch compliance, backups, and budget control.

                 Service Management

Deliver smarter service management to IT and business users with intuitive self-service powered by AI. You’ll address issues, deliver new services, and extend support to business teams with greater speed and agility.
             Service Management Automation X (SMAX) 
delivers an end to end meeting all your enterprise service management needs on premises, in cloud, or as a service.
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