DIMA With technology evolving and enterprises transforming into digital services, customer service, availability and performance of technologies became the true factors of organizations excellence and growth.

We at DIMA Solutions -Development of Information Management- have seen this coming since the year of our establishment, back in 2004. We invested, built, trained, and partnered with leading firms to serve local and regional enterprises with the best of breed solutions addressing the needs of monitoring, performance management, services management, Artificial intelligence, automating our customers processes in their IT enterprise management.

Our vision to be a recognized leader in providing consultancy and IT management services to our customers, and to be the preferred source of quality technology services delivery for Jordan and worldwide through building state of the art IT and Business solutions. We built over the past year’s expertise, consultants and knowhow which represents the main crown jewels of the company. we have made every engagement a unique and enjoyable experience to our customers and partners.


Our mission was always since day one to provide quality professional Information Technology and Business Process Services those add value to our clients' businesses. We will deliver these services through highly committed and motivated teams using innovative thinking and best practices.


Serving customers from all sectors, has been a great pleasure and a remarkable journey serving our customer needs to maximize ROI by providing visibility, measurements and reports to assist in making educated decision related to their infrastructure and customer experience.


DIMA Solutions is recognized as a golden business partner with the world largest leading vendor, Micro Focus, in Information Technology Operations Management (ITOM) and Application Development Management (ADM).


Library Management and learning management systems is another pillar at DIMA Solutions. We have been selected by the leading companies in this area, such as Advanced Arabian Systems to take the innovation to our education sector to the next level.


Leadership and being ahead of the curve is our DNA, hence, we partnered with the leading ThingLogix to help modern businesses harness the power of The Internet of Things (IOT) with technology solutions based on ThingLogix proprietary platform Foundry, a powerful multi-tenant application platform helping customers “without the need for coding”, get creative, get building and get results

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Phone: (06) 556 1234                                                                       Fax: (06) 5561233

Email: dima@dima.com.jo                                                                P.O.Box: 142152- Amman 11814- Jordan

Address: Al Samah Commercial Complex Al Madinah Al Munawarah St, Amman, Jordan